Selamat Ulang Tahun Google Ke-9! 27.09.07

Google 9th Birthday

Gergasi enjin carian Internet dan jenama terkemuka, Google Inc. menyambut ulang tahun ke-9 mereka pada tahun ini. 27 September 2007, genap 9 tahun Google sebagai sebuah enjin carian berasaskan web. A very Happy Birthday and hope for better service!

Google was Co founded in 1998 by the masters Sergey Brin and Larry Page who at the time were fellow students at Stanford University, the company was first of all incorporated as a privately held company.

The initial public offering from Google took place on 19th August 2004 which raised a staggering $1.67 million and making it worth $23 billion now. Google not only with the most famous search engine in the world also have new acquisitions, product developments and partnerships of which the company expanded their initial search engine to advertising business and so much more like Google Maps, Online Mapping.

Google Inc the American public corporation who mainly specialize in online advertising & Internet search are based in Mountain View, California and has approximately 13,750 employees.

Google Birthday Doodles

So without further ado send in your many happy returns to our much beloved Google.

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  • what! 9 tahun?muda lagi

    Thu 27th September, 2007
  • laa..baru aku tau En.Google umur dia 9thn. heh~ sebagai pengguna, nak celebrate birthday dia mcm mana ek?

    Fri 28th September, 2007
  • hepi besday google..huhuhu

    Fri 28th September, 2007
  • Hohoo..Walaupun Google baru berusia 9 tahun..Tapiiii..Kepoweran dia mmg susah nak ditandingi laa!! :mrgreen:

    p/s – Q dah add link od3n kat blog Q..Jgn lupe add link Q yer! :D

    Fri 28th September, 2007
  • hepi buffday google..aku suka no 9.

    jadi luck charm aku la pasni

    Sat 29th September, 2007
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