(RED) Wallpapers 28.01.08

(RED) Wallpapers

Unofficially (RED) wallpapers for your non-(RED) PCs

There are 12 variations of this wallpaper available – all sharing the same theme of positive words which has the term “red” in them. These include: admired, adored, discovered, empowered, endeavored, hammered, honored, incredible, scored, shared, treasured and uncensored. These words are featured quite boldly in the center of a grungy red surface.

Simple, yet powerful with lots of empty spaces around the sides for all your icons. The shade of red is surprisingly easy on the eyes, unlike Microsoft’s own website. Go get them here and share the (RED) love.

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  • macam2 aku tgk ko letak kat Tags ko

    Wed 13th February, 2008