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WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2 27.06.09

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  • 2.8.1 Beta 2 siap untuk diuji. Muat turun dan lihat kemaskini sejak beta 1. Notable fixes dalan beta 2 :

    • Translation of role names fixed
    • wp_page_menu() defaults to sorting by the user specified menu order rather than the page title
    • Upload error messages are now correctly reported
    • Autosave error experienced by some IE users is fixed
    • Styling glitch in the plugin editor fixed
    • SSH2 filesystem requirements updated
    • Switched back to curl as the default transport
    • Updated the translation library to avoid a problem with mbstring.func_overload

    Download WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 2

    BuddyPress 1.0.2 25.06.09

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  • BuddyPress 1.0.2 dah keluar. Upgrade sekarang untuk improve BuddyPress experience anda.

    This is not a critical upgrade, so it is not essential that you install this update. It does however fix a number of bugs that will improve your BuddyPress experience. For a full list of fixes, please see the updated release history.

    Download BuddyPress 1.0.2

    WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 1 21.06.09

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  • Kemaskini pertama untuk versi 2.8 boleh dimuat turun mulai saat ini. Bugs yang terdapat pada 2.8 telah dikemaskini dalam 2.8.1. Antaranya :

    • Certain themes were calling get_categories() in such a way that it would fail in 2.8. 2.8.1 works around this so these themes won’t have to change.
    • Dashboard memory usage is reduced. Some people were running out of memory when loading the dashboard, resulting in an incomplete page.
    • The automatic upgrade no longer accidentally deletes files when cleaning up from a failed upgrade.
    • A problem where the rich text editor wasn’t being loaded due to compression issues has been worked around.
    • Extra security has been put in place to better protect you from plugins that do not do explicit permission checks.

    Download WordPress 2.8.1 Beta 1

    WordPress 2.8 – Baker 11.06.09

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  • WordPress 2.8 ‘Baker’ sedia untuk dimuat turun. Lebih 790 bugs telah diperbaiki. Terdapat penambahbaikan pada kelajuan, theme, widget dan taxonomies. Antara muka 2.8 sama seperti versi 2.7, tetapi dengan beberapa penambahan seperti CodePress editor yang baru dengan syntax higlighting, antara muka widget yang diperbaharui dan screen option terkini. Lihat senarai lengkap 180 ciri terbaru, perubahan dan kemaskini di Codex.

    Download WordPress 2.8

    WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1 07.06.09

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  • Automattic telah melepaskan WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1 hari ini. Ini bermakna fasa pembangunan versi 2.8 hampir siap dan sempurna. Ia dijangkakan akan dilepaskan pada 10 Jun 2009.